About Zoytek

Zoytek was founded in 2014 by Mechanical Engineer Alan Quinn. Initially the brand was used for developing and publishing apps and software.

Zoytek relaunched in 2020 as proprietary engineering design and development business. Building on two decades of product development experience, Zoytek designs and develops a range of in-house products and technologies such as the Minimillr Desktop CNC Mill. We are also working on projects in the field of electric vehicle battery pack assembly, automated food preparation, robotic end effectors and low cost injection moulding techniques.

With broad research and development experience across multiple industries, we add value through engineering innovation and creative problem solving. 

We work across a wide range of industry sectors including robotics, consumer electronics and food manufacturing. Our experience and skill covers multiple engineering disciplines including electro-mechanical design, electronics, software, firmware, robotics and project management.

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