Night Golf out Now on Google Play

Zoytek are pleased to announce their latest golf game, “Night Golf“. It’s available right now for download on Google Play!  Coming soon the the Apple App Store.

Why allow a simple thing like daylight keep you off the fairways? Night Golf features endless 2D computer generated holes so there is always a new challenge ahead. Avoid the trees, bunkers and other obstacles on the fairway. Get a good position on the green and swing for the final putt. You need a super shot to get a hole in one in Night Golf. So, keep practising and become a star of the course!

Night Golf Features

  • Every hole in is a Par 3, and the number of holes is infinite!
  • Night Golf has two ball strike methods depending on your personal preference and screen size.
  • Enjoy the nocturnal sound track -with real samples from frogs, tawny owls and other night dwelling creatures!
  • If you like miniature golf, crazy golf or mini-golf games, you will definitely enjoy the 2D world of Night Golf!




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